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De Havilland Chipmunk

This quarter scale model was built in 1989 from the UK modeller magazine Radio Modeller plans no. RM276 designed by Roger Pegg. First published in Radio Modeller in January 1984.

The model is built in wood, flying surfaces are built up using conventional rib based practice and covered in iron on fabric. The fuselage is again built using conventional rib practice and planked with 3mm balsa. The motor cowling is glass fibre purchased from Radio Modeller.

Originally built and flown with an OS 91 4 stroke engine. After a few flights and following a crash where some light damage was caused I decided to install a more powerful motor, a 15ccm ASP 2 stroke, with a double chamber exhaust silencer. At the same time I added more scale detail, primarily panel lines and rivet detail to the fuselage. Having no time to complete the model it has been stored in my workshop for the last 12 years. I have since decided to give up model aeroplanes, hence this sale.

Model is sold with the ASP motor, ailron servos (built into wing) and flaps servo (Multiplex BB). Also available are circa 25 photographs showing detail of original aeroplane on show at the Old Warden Aircraft Museum in Bedfordshire, England.

Photographs showing current condition of the model.

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Underside_front_view_3821.jpg (153178 bytes) Underside_Stbd_3814.jpg (164295 bytes) Cabin_2_3805.jpg (97360 bytes) Cabin_3806.jpg (98695 bytes)
Access_Panel_3803.jpg (68972 bytes) Tail_Wheel_3819.jpg (104118 bytes) Underside_wing_root_3820.jpg (90574 bytes) Panel_rivet_detail_3802.jpg (89043 bytes)
ASP_Motor_3795.jpg (96506 bytes) ASP_Motor_port_3783.jpg (118902 bytes) ASP_Motor_std_3782.jpg (112636 bytes) Port_UC_3817.jpg (86425 bytes)

Photographs showing model upon completion in 1989.

Motor OS 91 4 stroke.

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